Hi! My name is Alejandro Blanco.

I'm a front-end developer in love with web technologies and the JavaScript language.


  • JavaScript

    I fell in love with JavaScript a few years ago, and now I use it everyday. It's an amazing technology if you avoid the bad parts. I have experience with jQuery, Dojo, Prototype, Underscore, Backbone and others. Thanks to the web expansion, JS is ubiquitous and extremely useful.

  • Python

    One of my favourites programming languages, I love the simplicity and explicity of Python. I have used Django for web development, and pyQT and pyGTK for desktop applications.

  • HTML

    As a web developer I'm very interested in the development of the HTML standarts. Following the standarts and using browsers that support them it's the only path to a bright future of the web.

  • Open Source

    I admire the community effort to create good software and share it with the world. I like to contribute, my works can be found on my repositories.

  • Visualization

    I have recently worked in data visualization, and developed a deep interest in the topic. I love the d3.js library, it's an incredible tool to create rich data representations.





  • SevillaJS

    Speaker, "D3.JS Data visualization". Slides.

    University of Seville, 2013.

  • Opendata Sevilla

    Speaker, "GORQL, SPARQL queries made easy".

    University Pablo de Olavide, 2012.

  • GCDS

    Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, 2009.

    Akademy (KDE) + GUADEC (GNOME).


    Speaker, "Flood simulation with multi-agent systems".

    University of Seville, 2011.

  • Imagin├ítica

    Speaker, "Flood simulation with multi-agent systems".

    University of Seville, 2011.

Code available on GitHub, under a MIT License.

Inspired by http://jorgebastida.com and http://lorenzogil.com.